Before a Measurement

Before the Rollprof can carry out a measurement, it must be programmed. A program specifies a number of important measurement parameters such as the resolution to be used, the measurement interval and set temprature readings.

To simplify this, Profile3T offers a dialog divided into three pages where all the necessary parameters may be entered. Once the program has been completed we are ready to send it to the Rollprof, in other words we are ready to download it. Downloads and uploads are made via USB or Bluetooth.

Rollprof 3T

To download the program, we open the Rollprof Explorer. This is a windows with two panes. In the left pane we find the contents of our PC disk and in the right pane is the Rollprof. First we locate our program in the left pane and then we simply drag it to the Rollprof pane and drop it. Done, we are now ready to measure.

Please note that the Rollprof can store up to 10 diffrent settings in its memory and, once programmed, stays programmed. This means that the above only needs to be done once and that Rollprof is always ready for instant use.The Rollprof is programmed for instant use when delivered.